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Previous Posts 27

  • Mr.Bombardi wrote:

    danke Euch.
    und wenn Du schreibst "im Zweifellsfall nachfragen", dann frage ich bei wem an?

    oops, übesehen.

    leider gibt's hie in der festung nicht regelmässige infos, wer wann aufmacht. die finden sich leichter in den jeweiligen subcommunity-kanälen. aber trotzdem kann hier reinschauen schon was bringen. sonst halt ausdrücklich hier fragen. mit bissl glück sieht es wer, der aufsperrt und rührt sich.

    am mittwoch sollte aber eigentlich immer offen sein. meistens schon ab 16:00, aber ab 18:00 kann man das als fix ansehen.
  • normal schon. im zweifelsfall sicherheitshalber immer nachfragen, aber dass am mittwoch gar nicht offen gewesen wäre, daran kann ich mich nicht erinnern, dass das jemals vorgekommen ist. :hmm:
  • Asmodai wrote:

    @Tok_Janne We meet in round 4. :)
    Unforunately, my schedule is quite packed until mid of December. :/
    I can offer you the following dates for our game:

    (01.12. might also be possible for me)
    (08.12. technically past the deadline but Carsten might allow it)

    Usually, I can be at the club at 16:00 and even earlier on 08.12.

    Do any of these dates suit you?

    I think 30th of November would fit me best out of those dates. What time do you want to meet?
  • Not the best evening for my Norse. But writing reports not only if I win. :)

    So in Short 2:1 for the old world team and 6:1 CAS for old world.. sums it up pretty good.

    Norse starting in the offense, pushing some players around and taking the ball.. same on the other side.
    In turn 2 one of my berserker managed to inflict a CAS on the halfling (MNG - APO later BH)

    In Turn 3 of Old world then it all starts, A Foul (first of 7) on my Ulf resulted in a CAS (AV-1).... great, the second Valkyr got a KO and two Linemen were Stunned.
    So I decided to move the Ballcarrier to the front (almost save space) supported by a Berserker, and last Block with the Yheti against a dwarf without block resulted in the yheti being KO and the dwarf staying on the field.. :)
    The Ballcarrier was marked with the Catcher by the humans and another player went KO (Berserker).

    So at that moment i was 5 Players down and decided to score, So i blitzed the Catcher and moved him away from the Valkyre and scored directly in Turn 4.
    Of my three KO players none came back. So it is 6 Players (no Yheti, no ulf) Against a full team... well not so good.

    Turn 4 started with a CAS against one of my Loners (=dead)... at least a Journeyman.
    The ball was carried to the front and secured. In my turn8 (four players on the pitch), he forgot about jump up, so i managed to get a blitz on the ballcarrier, but only a push with no reroll available.

    Halftime, two KO coming back, Yheti staying out.... so no returning of the Yheti.

    At that time i still got 8 players to field.
    Turn 1 of 2nd Halftime KickOff result ist Biased Ref, so now a chance for me, the Only player that is completely irrelevant a lone Dwarf gets hit and Stunned. Dircvetly after that a CAS against one of my lineman (-1 PA)... and another KO for a Lineman. Ball was taken. I try to block but no real result. In turn 2 another CAS, this time the Beer Board (BH). And a foul against The new Valkyre resulting in a MNG. I am mentioning only the successful Fouls... as there were 7 in Total and never seen by the ref...
    I tried to play normal, but with three players on the field in Turn 3 three KO and 5 Players in the CAS Box it is hard to focus. :)

    He decided to not score in turn 4 and went for th eBlocks I decided to either stay on the group or dodge away so only onle blitz can be thrown... In turn 8 then the TD.
    So last chance for some SPP, my Turn 8 and i set up for some blocks at least (1 Lineman, 2 Blitzers and a Valkyre). Kick Off result .. Blitz
    The treeman Blitzes(!) and inflicts a CAS against a Journeyman.. Dead. I manage to push two Players and the game ends...

    Well i had such games on the other side, so no problem. :)
    Fun fact is that old world didn´t need any of their Rerolls throughout the complete game.

    Next game, hopefully i have better luck.