Nächstes LW-Buch: Nachtjäger (Februar 2015)

      Nächstes LW-Buch: Nachtjäger (Februar 2015)

      Gerade drübergefallen:

      Modeldads haben die neue WI schon, darin der erste Teaser für das nächste LW-Buch:

      January 2015’s Wargames Illustrated came bundled with a load of Amazon parcels today – Christmas must be on it’s way… What caught my eye was a teaser for the new 80 page FoW supplement, Nachtjäger: The battle for Northern Germany March – May 1945

      What can we glean from this tantalising glimpse?

      Well, we know that plastic British LW infantry and Comets are planned for early in the New Year and this is reflected in the options to field a British Rifle Company (51st Highland and 15th Scottish Division), an Armoured Squadron (11th Armoured Division) and B Squadron 15th/17th Hussars

      For the Opposition, you’ve the option to field a Marine-Grenadierkompanie (2. Marine-Infanteriedivision) supported by rail-mounted FlaK guns and, presumably, an armoured company from either Panzerkampfgruppe Wallenberg or von Benningsen. History hints at Wallenberg – possibly – being veteran – and BF state that this list will feature Panzerkampfwagen V Panther Ausf G with Sperber/FG 1250 (that’s a Panther with night-vision capability to you and me!).

      This will be supported by the new kit illustrated including the aforesaid Panther and a new Sd Kfz 251/20 Ausf. D with 600mm diameter infrarotscheinwerfer (Gerat 920) infra-red reflector to light targets for – yup you guessed it – the Panther’s passive night vision sights. Again, if History has anything to say about this expect a ratio of 1 of these per platoon with battles at close range ?24 inches – optional rules are included for fighting battles at night

      das sind ja gute Nachrichten für die Late-War-Fans

      und Februar 2015 ......... am 21.2.2015 findet unser nächstes FoW-Event statt:

      FoW-Event 21.02.2015

      vielleicht geht es sich sogar genau aus, mit dem Erscheinen ;)
      Ich freue mich ja auch schon auf die nächste Inkarnation der 51st Highland Division :)
      greetings from good old Simmering
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