[10.+11.02.2018] SOM - Slovenia's Open Masters in Ljubljana

      [10.+11.02.2018] SOM - Slovenia's Open Masters in Ljubljana

      Am 10. und 11.02.2018 finden die Open Masters von Slowenien statt. Vielleicht findet sich ja der ein oder andere Interessierte. :)

      Hier der Link zum Facebook Event.

      We are more than pleased to announce the first Warmachine / Hordes tournament: Slovenia's Open Masters 2018

      Registration ends: 25.01.2018
      Date of event: 10.02.2018 - 11.02.2018
      Venue: The event will be held in Tobačna, local gaming place in Ljubljana.
      Rounds of event: 5 matches, swiss format. Pairing of the 1st match is random but we will avoid to make pairs from same country.

      day 1
      09.30 - Registration
      10.30 - Game 1
      12.30 - lunch break
      13.30 - Game 2
      16.00 - Game 3
      18.30 - Closing day 1
      20.30 - Dinner

      day 2
      10.00 - Game 1
      12.00 - lunch break
      13.00 - Game 2
      15.30 - Awards & Greetings

      Painting requirements: No painting requirements but there will be a separate painting competition.
      Proxies are not allowed, conversions usable upon TO approval.

      Tournament format: 75p SR2017 (2 lists), D&C0 (not obligatory to
      play both lists), no character restriction, actual ADR and the belonging
      Vanguard rules are applicable.
      Tiebreaker order is going to be SoS > CP > KP when determining the final standings.
      Pairings from match2 will be made from top to bottom based on VP > CP > KP.
      Deathclock: 60 minutes per player, deployment on clock.

      Scenarios: As published in SR2017, assigned to tables (so it is
      possible that you’ll have to play a certain scenario twice during the
      tournament, but doubling on tables is avoided if possible)
      - Registration until the 25th of January (midnight).
      - List submission: on arrival
      Order of registration will be determined based on entry fee receival.
      Entry fee: 20 Euros.
      Payment: registration fee must be payed till 25. January (midnight) on PayPal: tevz.delak@itad.si
      For bank transfer please contact organiser.

      For any other information please contact me via PM or email to blaz.ravnikar@gmail.com