Topor Team Tournament Samobor, 5th – 6th of May 2018

      Topor Team Tournament Samobor, 5th – 6th of May 2018

      The event will be played with 6000 points armies (3000pts per player) using the 9th Age Fantasy Battlesrules.

      We will follow the latest set of rules as released by the 9th Age on 20th of April 2018.
      If an update tothe rules is released between this date and the event, we will ignore it entirely.
      The armies may be selected from their appropriate army books. The army lists are OPEN.

      Following rules apply between ALLIES:
      -Purpose of this tournament is to team up different armies, therefore DOUBLE ARMIES AREDISALLOWED (no same army teams)
      - Generals do not provide leaderhip to allied units (no Inspiring Presence for allies)
      - BSB provide Hold Your Ground (re-roll LD tests) for allies
      - Allied units cause panic to each other (unit flees or is destroyed) unless insignificant (universal)
      - Buff wagons/Army rules do not provide bonuses towards allied units- For the purposes of magic item duplication, both armies count as single entity (so if an item is 0-2, it can only be taken twice in entire 6000pts army).
      - Magic phase – armies share the same veil token pool. Spells can be cast on allied units.
      - Deployment – minimum number of units deployed in every step is 2 per team(one from eachplayer).

      Players can also deploy more than one unit.You can find complete rulespack here: ... 202018.pdf

      P.s. there will probably be Shadespire and AoS as side events ^^

      Hope to see you guys!
      Zagreb, Croatia