WHU - 1st Austrian Nationals for Nightvault @Tabletop Masters 2019

      WHU - 1st Austrian Nationals for Nightvault @Tabletop Masters 2019

      Samstag 13. April 2019
      3 mit Pairings nach Schweizer System, best of 3
      Danach Top 4 Cut.

      Beginn um 10:00 Uhr, Spielzeit pro Runde 100min.

      Link to the t3 event, please register there, it`s way easier for us to plan the event if we know how many players will come :)

      I´m happy to announce the first Austrian nationals for Warhammer Underworlds, hold at the Tabletop Masters weekend in Vienna :D

      It`ll be single day event with 3 rounds of Underworlds and a Top 4 cut.

      We`ll have the most recent OP Kit including a Shadeglass-Trophy, and loads of stuff for every attending player^^

      The tournament will take place at the "Braille house", Hägelingasse 4-6, 1140 Vienna, Austria.

      link to FAQ and Restricted List :
      link to some deckbuilders (you can print your decklist there):

      We`ll play 3 rounds best of 3, swiss pairings.
      100min playtime per round.
      Top 4 Cut.

      We`ll have a lunch break after the first round, drinks can be bought cheaply on site :)

      Entry fee is 10€

      Every player has to bring:
      - a single warband/deck for the whole event
      - his or her own boards
      - 2x copies of your DECKLIST, with card numbers and names(preferably build in a deckbuilder as handwriting can cause problems, for example by printing it here:
      - Card Sleeves with opaque back
      - only official Warhammer Underworlds cards may be used
      - you can come with cards in whatever language you like, but please remember that the english card-text takes precedence in case of any rulings we have to make.

      Hope to see you there :)

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