New in Vienna - looking for a players

      New in Vienna - looking for a players


      I am Maciej and I've just moved to Vienna. I am looking for a community to play SW legion so any tips are appreciated.
      I play Rebelion and have like 2 years of experience, but have some break recently ;/
      I look foreward to meet you guys :)

      Mit freundlichen Grüße

      There is a decent community in Austria, unfortunately not so big in Vienna. I feel I am the only really motivated player and I have very limited time atm (due to having 1/2 year old twins) and also playing other more popular systems.

      I plan on playing more in the coming months and would be happy to introduce you to our hobby club (in the 15th district).

      We also have a discord server that is much more populated ( It is in German but feel free to post in English. If you want, you can also pm me your phone number and I can add you to the Viennese and/or Austrian Whats App group.
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      Hello Maciek,

      we play once a month in Katzelsdorf near Wiener Neustadt which is 50km from Vienna. If that's not too far away you're welcome.

      This Friday we have our next gaming day.
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